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Infinity J

Infinity J
Infinity J Infinity J Infinity J Infinity J
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Our #1 recommended water ionizer is the Infinity J. It’s a high tech, state of the art counter top water ionizer with the latest technology, no-chemicals and no-maintenance and hassle-free.


The Infinity J is a scientifically developed high tech, state of the art counter top Water Ionizer / Hydrogen Generator with revolutionary new technology.


9 Extra Large Electrodes and 2 Six Stage Specialty Filters.


It produces a continuous stream of Alkaline water infused with Molecular Hydrogen to eliminate oxidative stress and inflammation the cause of many ailments.

Molecular Hydrogen is about to change the face of illness and health all over the planet. 

About Hydrogen: The curative powers of Molecular Hydrogen gas from natural Healing Waters has been known to cure ailments for hundreds of years.

Now our Scientists and Physicians are showing that the use of Hydrogen gas in over 600 peer reviewed medical studies to have a therapeutic effect on over 150 human diseases.


The Infinity J

9 Extra Large Electrodes: Crafted from Medical Grade Titanium triple dipped in Platinum.


2 onboard Six Stage Multi filters = 12 Stage State of the Art water Purification System  infused with Silica Crystals to to ensure your water is not only healthy, but also purified, clean and delicious. The Silica Crystals helps prevent Alzheimer’s, Dementia and the removal of Aluminum from our body.

Extra Large 7” LCD Touch Screen displays: pH level, ORP level, Flow Rate, Filter Life & Amperage; Shows Pictures and Instructions to understand and use the Infinity J to its optimum potential.


Voice Guided Service: (Voice Information technology). The Infinity guides you in 6 languages enabling you to safely and conveniently use the Infinity and understand the different pH levels, their functions and their benefits.



Achieves pH ranges from  3 pH - 11.5 pH, ORP Range -800 Mv to +900 Mv








The Infinity produces a continuous stream of Alkaline water infused with Molecular Hydrogen to eliminate oxidative stress. 


Now available with 2 on board Multi-filters. Each filter uses Six Stages of purification technology (it’s like having 12 filters on board). These Filters are infused Silica Crystals for Anti-Aging, Detoxification and Disease Prevention. Silica minerals have also been shown to help with Alzheimer’s, dementia and the removal of aluminum from our body.

The Infinity has 9 Extra Large Platinum/Titanium Electrode Plates, 


No buttons to press the Infinity works like a smartphone.

  • It uses a 7” color LCD Touch Screen to receive commands and give instructions by voice! (Voice Information technology).  160 programmable unique settings for simple, EZ streamless use

Constant reading pH and ORP Meters, Memory Function and the ability to create vast amounts of Molecular Hydrogen for extra health benefits. 


Achieves pH ranges from 3 pH - 11.5 pH, ORP Range +900 to -850 Mv 

The Infinity J is the Ionic Solution for those serious about improving their health and unlocking the real benefits of alkaline water infused with molecular hydrogen and silica minerals for instant wellness!

Why settle for a product twice as expensive when you can get the best quality ionizer at half the price! 












EZ Set Up Instructions

UNDER SINK Installation Video













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