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Vortex Alkalizer Water Ionizer

Vortex Alkalizer Water Ionizer
Vortex Alkalizer Water Ionizer
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Vortex Alkalizer Water Ionizer 

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Put the “life” back into your water and the passion back in your life. The Vortex Alkalizer Water Ionizer returns water to its living, liquid crystalline state with high levels of oxygen and vital energy. 

Your body is compromised of up to 60%* water. After oxygen, water is the most basic need for human life. It is easy to see why drinking the best water is just as important as breathing the cleanest freshest air and consuming the healthiest organic foods.



The Vortex Alkalizer Water Ionizer works by utilizing the natural spiral movement found in nature. Nature uses vortices (formed as water moves), electromagnetic fields (from the Earth and from her rocks and minerals), and salts (minerals in ionized form) to create water’s liquid crystalline state—structured water. 

Nature has the answers

·         Vortex Energy creates a liquid crystal

·         Magnetic Field support water’s crystalline structure

·         Far- Infrared wavelengths add life-supporting energy

·         Phase 3 (minerals at bottom)  adds additional minerals to the water

Everywhere in the universe, nature uses movement (vortices and spirals) to gather energy and organize matter (Think of spiraling galaxies, spinning planets, and electrons circulating around the nucleus of an atom). Spiral movement combined with other natural forces causes the molecules in water to become highly organized. They form a liquid crystal. Many scientists believe that maintaining the liquid crystalline properties of water within our bodies supports vibrant life and longevity.

For centuries, people have been drinking mountain spring water for its well known health benefits, as described by Peter Goodgold at his lectures of mountain spring water that  comes from snow; it contains beneficial minerals that combine with the Earth’s natural magnetism and far-infrared energy from the sun to create an optimal water structure. Water flowing over rocks in mountain streams becomes naturally oxygenated, adding further benefits. During waters journey, nature also supplies magnetic fields from the Earth and far infrared energy from the Sun. 

Don't forget replacement filters. The Vortex alkalizer Filter should be replaced every 6 to 8 months for for your maxium health.
Replacement Filter 1 Pack or Replacement Filter 2 pack



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