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DVD Wisdom of Water

DVD Wisdom of Water
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Wisdom of Water - Peter Goodgold explores the un-chartered shore where the scientific and the spiritual relationship with water meet, and what this oxygenating, hydrating elixir can do for, or to, the human body.

He begins his lecture explaining how man used to worship water and it's spiritual relevance to all life on this planet. We go on a visual journey finding the fascinating relationships between life and water.   He goes from the past discussing the ancient Greeks ionizing their water, up to present day where he goes over all the water myths, water health devices and water scams in Privatization, Pollution, Profit and pH balance of your body.

He warns that drinking  acidic water will make your body a breeding ground for disease and send you to an early grave. He shows how his Rejuvenator water ionizer can transform ordinary tap water into a powerful Antioxidant for Wellness, Weightloss and Ant aging. Alkaline Water, is it the fountain of youth? We believe it is.  

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