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Water Ionizers

Water Ionizers

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Infinity J
  Our #1 recommended water ionizer is the Infinity J. It’s a high tech, ..
$3,299.00 $2,999.00
Ex Tax: $2,999.00
Airquarius Infinite Oasis
Note : Only Replacement Filters Available  Click Here To Buy Oasis Rejuvenator Rep..
Ex Tax: $2,195.00
Nex Gen Water Ionizer
Nex Gen Water Ionizer Meet the futuristic non-electric alkalizing water ionizer - Th..
Ex Tax: $599.00
Hydro Go + Bottle -  Molecular Hydrogen  Generator
1-The Hydrogo+ hydrogen generator uses the most advanced technology ( Proton exchange membrane).&..
$399.99 $299.00
Ex Tax: $299.00
Ion Wave xp (Extra ph) Water Pitcher
List Price $169.99   Sale Price $139.99 The Ion-Wave XP (extra pH) water pitcher "MAK..
Ex Tax: $139.99
H3O2GO Hydrogen Generating Stick
The H3o2Go stick is a Pocket Rocket!  It produces Molecular Hydrogen Anywhere! It i..
Ex Tax: $299.99
Ionic Oasis SP350
FILTERS ONLY List Price $1099.00    Sale Price $999.00 The Io..
Ex Tax: $999.00
Ionic Oasis SP750
FILTERS ONLY List Price $2099.00    Sale Price $1999.00 ..
Ex Tax: $1,999.00
Aquarius Rejuvenator
Note : Only Replacement Filters Are Available  Click Here to Buy Aquarius Rejuvenat..
Ex Tax: $1,199.00
Under The Counter Water Ionizer Conversion Kit
The WaterWorks4U’s under-the-sink Water Ionizer conversion kit is an innovative product that allo..
Ex Tax: $359.99
5 Year Warranty for WaterWorks4U Water Ionizers
5 Year Warranty for any WaterWorks4U Water Ionizer Must be bought at the same time the ionizer ..
Ex Tax: $249.00
Oasis Under the Counter Ionizer
Note Only Replacement Filters Are Available- Product is Out Of Stock Click Here To Buy ..
Ex Tax: $2,195.00
Vortex Alkalizer Water Ionizer
  Vortex Alkalizer Water Ionizer  List Price: $499.00 LIMI..
Ex Tax: $499.00
Diverter for ALL electric ionizers
 Replacement diverter for ALL Water Works 4 U ELECTRICAL (Aquarius Rejuvenator, Genesis Reju..
Ex Tax: $39.99
Hard Water Cleaning & Tune Up
Hard water will leave deposits on an ionizer’s plates, and can even clog up the machine if t..
Ex Tax: $79.99

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