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Ion Wave xp (Extra ph) Water Pitcher

Ion Wave xp (Extra ph) Water Pitcher
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The Ion-Wave XP (extra pH) water pitcher


Portable and affordable Ionizing Water Pitcher- No faucet attachment or electricity needed to produce high 9 to 9.5 pH antioxidant alkaline water for "Wellness, Weight Loss and Anti Aging".

The Ion Water Pitcher XP (Extra pH) has a revoloutionary "New and Improved" design with 3 filter stages to creating Living Crystal Hexagonal Water. It is a higher pH 
 (9 or 9.5) and a stronger negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) as well as a new handle alowing EZ grip and serve.  Developed for the health concious indvidual or family looking to stay healthy and live a life without medication.

Most water pitchers filter only and create acidic water that is actually harmful to our bodies health. The Ion-Wave XP not only filters out all the impurities in your source water but it recirculates the water through the pores of the 2nd and 3rd stage filter compartments creating super charged negaitve ions giving the water not only strong alkalinity but a fairly strong negative charge as well. Healthy hydroxil ions are created in the 3rd stage with the use of Alkali mineral stones that keeps the pH and the Negative ORP constant.

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