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Hydro Go + Bottle - Molecular Hydrogen Generator

Hydro Go + Bottle -  Molecular Hydrogen  Generator
Hydro Go + Bottle -  Molecular Hydrogen  Generator Hydro Go + Bottle -  Molecular Hydrogen  Generator
Product Code: 500-new
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1-The Hydrogo+ hydrogen generator uses the most advanced technology ( Proton exchange membrane). 

2-Our electrode is made from Platinum and Titanium. Many manufacturers use ordinary metals which could be toxic 

3.-Special designs for different needs. You can use the upper bottle when you are at home or in the Office, and when you go out to travel, you can remove the upper glass, just put the Hydrogo+ generator in your bag, buy bottled water and connect the generator to start enjoying hydrogen water. So you can use it in vehicles, airplane, hotel etc.I t has a rechargeable lithium battery, you can it for several days after a full charge. This means you take it with you and can use it anywhere. have a short working life.


Scientists have found that hydrogen is the simplest molecule in nature. Its small molecule structure can quickly spread to all the cells within the body, and the cells inside and outside the free radical reaction to generate water, to reproduce the cell vitality. The reaction process is safe and fast. Vitamin C, E, and other nutrients can only help to remove extracellular free radicals. The mystery of hydrogen-rich water is that it contains rich hydrogen

Product name Hydro Go + Bottle Battery type Polymer lithium battery
Model 500-new Battery capacity 1400mAh
Capacity 450ml Charge time About 2.5hours
Net weight 410g Concentration About 1000ppb-1300ppb
Operation time 4 or 6 minutes ORP -500mV~-600mV




High-quality titanium electrode plate 

with platinum coating
food-grade ABS, PCTG
304 stainless steel



1.Eco-friendly design: a built-in rechargeable battery makes it be used repeatedly. 
2.Suitable for a variety of water: pure water, distilled water, mineral water are available.


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