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Filter -- Bath Crystal Ball

Filter -- Bath Crystal Ball
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Why Filter Chlorine from your Bath Water?

Because Chlorine is a poisonous gas, even while it does kill the bacteria in our tap water...

It attacks your lungs as the hot shower action vaporizes the chlorine in the water...

It attacks your skin and hair as the hot water opens your pores to the chlorine, leaving your hair brittle and your skin itchy and flaky.

Stop Bathing in Chlorine!

The Crystal Ball for the Bath is the answer to 90 - 95% chlorine removal!

Dechlorinate in minutes!
Great for a luxurious bath!
The bath water is healthier and feels better!

  • Healthier, younger looking skin
  • Relief from dry, itchy skin
  • Improved lathering and sudsing
  • Safe for infants, adults and pets
  • Non-toxic, long lasting
  • Replaceable filter media
  • Filter is KDF filament & Crystal Quartz
  • Great for those with Chlorine sensitivity
  • No plumbing or fittings - just place in bath water
  • Dechlorinates in minutes

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