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Filter -- Ionic Oasis Biostone

Filter -- Ionic Oasis Biostone
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Replacement Filter for the Ionic Oasis -- Biostone (contaminat remval scrool to botm of page)
The Tourmaline filter provides 1 micron particulate filtration, carbon filtration and tourmaline which provides a mild ionization to the water before it runs over the electrodes.

As well as filtering out impurities from the input water, the Ionic Oasis passes the water through a new filter created by WaterWorks4u, a 'BioStone Filter', a ceramic formed of the semi-precious mineral Tourmaline.

Tourmaline NATURALLY emits far infrared energy (FIR) and changes the surface tension of the water, making it

  1. easier to process for the ionizer
  2. slightly ionized to ease the negative ion creation process

In practical terms it means you'll get better water by far, even with the "Purified Only" water, and you'll get more antioxidant effect with alkalinized water, without an accompanying increase in alkalinity. These new filters will be the standard for all future Waterworks4u Ionic Oasis models.

It's like an antioxidant 'supercharger'.


Nature's source of Far Infrared (FIR) and Negative Ions

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