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AVATAR Scalar Wave Laser

AVATAR Scalar Wave Laser
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 AVATAR Scalar Wave Laser



Revolutionary Quantum Wave Technology
Frequency programmability
Organic natural sine wave generation
Referral & wholesale opportunity


Excellence for Meditation, Tranquility & Relaxation
Treats Muscle & Joint Pain, Athritis, Muscle spasms, Stiffness, Circulation


How Cold Lasers Work:

Low level lasers, or cold lasers, are very therapeutic because they donate energy to cells and stimulate the mitochondria (the cell’s energy generators) to produce cellular energy known as Adenosin Triphosphate, or ATP, which governs 80-90% of the cells activitie.

Cold lasers work in much the same way as sunlight in a garden. The sunlight donates energy in the form of photons which stimulate plants to grow faster and more efficiently. Low level lasers also donate photons, which the body uses to regenerate cells and tissue.

 What Are Scalar Waves:

Scalar waves are harmless, therapeutic waves of energy.  They do not have polarity and therefore do not travel in a linear fashion in time.  They are unified field energy, which is profoundly effective for neutralizing chronic pain, stress and disease.

Units will either be red, blue or black




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